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Asheville Summer Fun Horse Show 2024


Welcome to the Asheville Summer Fun Horse Show!

Western NC Ag Center, Fletcher NC

Judge:  Jodi LaSalle


*NEW FOR 2024*

ASHEVILLE SUMMER FUN Horsemanship Challenge

Friday, July 19th, following the last class of the Evening Session


Rider will need: 

  • completed paperwork (July 1st deadline) 

  • $125 entry fee 

  • saddle 

  • helmet, jodhpur pants, boots & gloves 


Each rider/instructor must provide a suitable horse (with pad & girth) to be used in the event. 

Show or work bridles allowed. 


Horsemanship Challenge Guidelines


PURPOSE: The Horsemanship Challenge is designed to promote Saddle Seat riding and sportsmanship in a competition atmosphere for riders in the Southeast. The format of this event was chosen to showcase the rider's ability. This competition is open to all advanced non-professional riders, ages 13 and up. 


FORMAT: Suitable lesson type horses will be used. For the 1st round, riders will compete on the horse they bring.  For the 2nd round, all riders will draw a horse they have not previously ridden to compete. A brief supervised 5 minute warm up is allowed. The horses may be any breed and compete in show or work bridles. Riders will wear helmets, jods, boots and Challenge shirt (provided).


This is considered a "Special Event”; therefore, academy riders are eligible if they are advanced riders capable of handling various horses. 

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