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(as of 01/03/24)


Show Management reserves the right to refuse, accept conditionally or cancel any entries of any exhibitor at its discretion and require horses and entrants to vacate the premises at its discretion and without liability.  


Academy entries are to follow all horse show entry rules; i.e., they are due at the same time as performance entries. 


The following rules MUST be followed.  If violations are determined by Show Management, ALL ENTRIES from the offending barn will be disqualified and asked to leave the showgrounds.  


Safety is of the utmost importance!  Unruly, out of control or disruptive horses will be excused. 

It is strongly suggested that handlers/headers are sixteen (16) years of age or older. Horses are NOT to be led into the show ring with a lead shank attached to the bit.



  • Riders are to be enrolled in a professionally run lesson program.

  • Once riders show in regular performance classes, they are no longer eligible to show in Academy classes. 

However, returning riders are eligible for WTC Academy classes after a 10-year absence from the show ring.

  • Riders who have shown in a regular division, or in a suit/coat, are no longer eligible to show in Academy classes, with the exception of Show Rider classes. 

  • Riders who have shown/been judged in WTC classes are no longer eligible to return to WT classes. 

  • Riders who have shown/been judged in WT classes are no longer eligible to show in Lead Line. 

  • Riders may not show in any performance division at the same show (except driving or in hand classes), with the exception of Show Riders. 

  • Age of the rider is determined by their age as of December 1 of the previous year.

  • NO earpieces allowed on riders in the show ring.   If rider is hearing impaired, medical documentation must be produced for Show Management.

  • Riders who show in “elite” classes at other shows must enter the Show Rider classes since they are considered advanced riders.  



  • Horses must be regularly used as lesson horses. 

  • While it is preferred that horses are owned by instructors, horses may be owned or leased by riders IF they are used regularly by others as a lesson/school horse. 

  • Horses shown in Academy classes cannot be in show training with a professional.  This includes horses on consignment.  Horses should not have been professionally trained within 60 days of show.

  • Horses should be plain shod. (Exception may be made if corrective shoeing is needed, one pad and/or wedge is allowed for the comfort of the horse.)  The definition of “show package” will be determined by Show Management, with help from Show Farrier if needed.

  • Hoof blacking is optional; no ribbon braiding allowed. 

  • School horses may cross enter into regular show classes at the same show. 

  • Academy classes are open to mares and geldings of any breed.



  • Horses are to be tacked with saddle consistent with style of riding (saddle seat, hunt seat, western). 

  • Full or Pelham bridles or snaffle bridle with martingale. A martingale on a leverage bit is prohibited.

  • Wraps, splint boots, bell boots are permitted if needed for the safety of the horse and in driving classes.      No blinkers allowed in under saddle classes.



  • To be appropriate for the style of riding/driving. 

  • Jodhpurs, breeches, dark pants, long sleeve shirt, with collar, tie, gloves, vest (sweater permissible in very cold weather) Riding suits and jackets are prohibited. Chaps and western hats are prohibited.

  • Roweled spurs are not permitted. 

  • All riders 17 years of age & under MUST wear protective headgear that meets or exceeds ASTM/SEI standards.  However, all riders are encouraged to wear protective headgear.



  • Exhibitors are to be judged on their skill to effectively control the horse and to show the horse to its best advantage. 

  • Horsemanship/Showmanship classes are judged on the rider’s performance ability – how well they show the horse and utilize the ring including correct diagonals and leads. Diagonals will count, no backing.  Rider’s ability to show is paramount.

  • Equitation classes are to be judged on a rider’s basic equitation skills – riding on correct leads and diagonals, conveying the impression of effective and easy control. 

  • Horses are not to back, perform an extended trot, or a hand gallop. 

  • Headers are permitted in the line-up for the 10 & under riders; no towels or whips allowed. 

  • The horse IS NOT to be judged.



  • Pattern Classes – No rail work, entries to work the pattern individually.

  • Novice Rider Classes – open to Academy riders who have not won 3 classes in their respective divisions (WT & WTC).  This will be on the “Honor System” as winter tournaments/barn show results are not recorded.

  • Green Rider Classes – open to Academy riders in their 1st year of cantering.  

  • Show Rider Classes – for advanced Academy riders or amateur/junior exhibitor riders with prior show ring experience.  A Show Rider may not return to regular Academy classes.

  • Academy Driving Showmanship/Reinsmanship Classes – Open to any amateur or junior exhibitor.  Drivers may not cross enter into other driving classes at the same show but may cross enter into under saddle performance classes or other Academy classes.  Academy driver may be accompanied in the cart by an experienced adult who is not allowed to coach. Only a 2-wheel cart/buggy is permitted in driving classes.

  • WT Lead Line (8 & Under) – Riders will be led in at the walk and worked each way of the ring.  They will trot individually past the judge.  Riders are expected to post but correct diagonals are not required.  Class will be judged.


Academy riders may earn high points in only one (1) Academy category per show (2 classes - equitation and showmanship). If a first year rider shows in beginner/green and age group classes at the same show, only the beginner/green classes will count for ASAC high points. For all others showing in multiple categories at the same show, such as novice and age group, the age group classes will count for ASAC high points. This does not pertain to anyone who enters Academy Driving classes.


Class Splits

Should class splits be necessary, the rider’s age and classification (A-Advanced, B-Beginner, C-Intermediate) must be listed on the entry form.  Entries made without split information will automatically be entered into the Advanced sections.  

  • Classes should have no more than 15 entries. 

  • 10 & Under WT/8 & Under WT will split at 10 entries.

  • 6 & Under WT will split at 6 entries.


Class List

  1. Leadline - Riders 6 & under, Walk Only (not an Academy class)

  2. Academy Showmanship Driving

  3. Academy Reinsmanship Driving (Figure 8 to be performed after rail work)

  4. Show Rider Showmanship WTC

  5. Show Rider Equitation WTC

  6. Academy Equitation WTC, 18 & Over

  7. Academy Showmanship WTC, 18 & Over 

  8. Academy Equitation WTC, 14-17 

  9. Academy Showmanship WTC, 14-17 

  10. Academy Equitation WTC, 13 & Under

  11. Academy Showmanship WTC, 13 & Under

  12. Green Rider Academy Equitation WTC, All Ages 

  13. Rider Academy Showmanship WTC, All Ages

  14. Novice Rider Academy Equitation WTC, All Ages 

  15. Novice Rider Academy Showmanship WTC, All Ages 

  16. Academy Hunt Seat Equitation WTC

  17. Academy Hunt Seat Showmanship WTC

  18. Academy Hunt Seat Equitation WT

  19. Academy Hunt Seat Showmanship WT

  20. Lead Line – 8 & Under WT Equitation 

  21. Lead Line – 8 & Under WT Showmanship

  22. Show Rider Showmanship WT

  23. Show Rider Equitation WT

  24. Academy Equitation WT, 14 & Over 

  25. Academy Showmanship WT, 14 & Over

  26. Academy Equitation WT, 11-13 

  27. Academy Showmanship WT, 11-13

  28. Academy Equitation WT, 9 & 10

  29. Academy Showmanship WT, 9 & 10

  30. Academy Equitation WT, 7 & 8 

  31. Academy Showmanship WT, 7 & 8

  32. Academy Equitation WT, 6 & Under 

  33. Academy Showmanship WT, 6 & Under

  34. Green Rider Academy Equitation WT, All Ages 

  35. Green Rider Academy Showmanship WT, All Ages

  36. Novice Rider Academy Equitation WT, All Ages 

  37. Novice Rider Academy Showmanship WT, All Ages 

  38. Pattern Class WTC, All Ages  (no rail work)

  39. Pattern Class, WT, All Ages  (no rail work)


Academy WTC Pattern Options


  • Trot down the rail to the center of the turn.  Halt.

  • Canter one (1) circle on the correct lead.  Halt.  Reverse.

  • Trot one (1) circle on the correct diagonal.

  • Continue trotting down the rail, showing one (1) change of diagonal at the midpoint of the rail.

  • Exit the arena at a trot. WTC PATTERN #2

  • Enter the arena and trot down the right straightaway, showing two (2) changes of diagonal.  Begin on the right diagonal.

  • Continue trotting to the center of the end of the ring.  Halt.

  • Canter a circle on the left lead.  Halt.

  • Trot from the center of the turn down the next straightaway on the right diagonal.

  • Exit the arena without stopping.

Academy WT Pattern Options WT PATTERN #1

  • Enter the arena at a trot, beginning on the right diagonal.  Trot three-fourths (3/4) of the way down the straightaway, showing one (1) change of diagonal.  Halt.

  • Trot a two (2) loop serpentine across the width of the arena and continue to trot around the end of the ring.

  • Continue to trot the straightaway showing two (2) changes of diagonal.

  • Exit the arena at a trot without stopping.


  • Enter the arena and trot down the rail to the left showing two (2) changes of diagonal, beginning on the left diagonal.

  • Continue trotting through the turn and execute a circle at the beginning of the next straightaway.  Halt.

  • Pick up a trot on the right diagonal.  Change to the left diagonal at thew halfway point of the straightaway.

  • Continue trotting to the end of the straightaway and exit the arena.

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